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CR from Perth with Mills Charter

Was in perth few mths back for holidays and was itching to try out the deep sea fishing over there. So I booked a slot with the local MILLS CHARTER for about $100 plus Sing dollars for a day of fishing. Since my friends are not into fishing, they hang around town while I went alone. Made my way down to Hillary's Harbour at around 7am. Altogether there were 11 people fishing, with 2 deck hands and a captain. Captain is a young guy not mroe than 30 plus. So after a quick briefing, we set off on a 1 hr bumpy ride out into the deep sea.

The charter provides all tackle and baits - Alvery Reels and Big Rods ( dunno wat make ) and sotong bait. The 1 hr ride out to sea almost killed my trip as the sea sickness tried to overcome me. But i managed to hold up until our first stop. And when the fishing started, i quickly recovered and concentrated on the task at hand. Main target that day was the silver trevally and the occasional samson fish. And the depth of about 100m. Within seconds from the first drop, we had hook ups all over the boat. However i only got my first bite at the 3-4 spot. The fight was damn tiring as the tackle alone is quite heavy and plus the huge sinker probably size 20? It was a 'back breaking' experience. As i'm quite small size compared to the aussies, i took my time to bring the fish up from 100m down. And apparently i was the only one struggling with the fight, taking my own sweet time and finally about 15-20 mins later i got my first silver trevally! Dunno the weight but should be about 6-8 kg? or maybe more but they do give a very good fight.

And so it goes as we move from spot to spot, until i decided to have abit of sausage roll. BIG MISTAKE! 1 bite and i could feel my whole stomach racing up my throat. I managed to prevent myself from puking, and was quite proud as 1 aussie couldn't take it and puked over the side.

So we continued fishing until about 3pm before making our way back to the harbour. Altogether i got 3 biggies while the rest got on an average 3-4 each while some got about 7-8. There was also a small trophy for the biggest and the best fish, a big samson fish about 10-15kg and a rare fish which i couldnt remb the name hehehe. Once we reached the harbour I gave away my 3 fishes to this Japanese guy since i can't bring the fish back to the hotel rm. But all and all it was a good experience as such opportunity to fish in Australia dun come back that often! Enjoy the photos!

  • Anonymous
    Cool tackles there...and nice catches too.
  • sunburned
    Good report Seantimber.

    The tackle provided brings back memories - its really difficult fighting on a 1:1 gear ratio at such deep depths (on mono as well). So you did well, bringing in the 3 trevallys. I remember fishing on another operator's charter some years back (same Alvey reels), and after 1 fish decided that my own backup reel was preferred.

  • madfisho
    Yeah, I was on one of these party boats as well. They provided us with penn spinfishers with mono line. Takes getting used to. For those looking to board such boats, it might be a good idea to bring along your own reels instead of using theirs.
  • seantimber
    hey thanks guys!

    Yup it was really damn tiring just to retrieve the line when we need to change spot. Plus my whole body is weak from the rocking sea, but definitely an experience! will go back there to do jigging when i have the money! haha.. Mills charter was featured in the Fishing World Australia Magazine free dvd where they did jigging for giant samsons. Great stuff to watch, mouth watering.
  • ozfisho
    Mate, that's a bloody fantastic job on tackling bigguns on the alveys. Damn, didn't know WA has such BIG silver trevs! :shock: Bet it gave u a bit of curry as they do really really run hardout. I think I've seen the free dvd, some okuma guys doing a promo for samson jigging. Jeez.. samson jigging is something I'll like to do if I'm there as well. Well done and thanks for sharing the cool pics. :D

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