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Anyone have the car park rate at RSYC. Searched their site but in vain.

Appreciate if you can share.

Best regards
  • belial
    parking is members only, you can park at the ferry terminal beside it, forgotten the cost.
  • dingo35
    Park at the public carpark at the park. 5min walk only. Its free parking. Parking at the ferry terminal will cost you about $20 for the whole day.
  • SGFisherman

    Thks for the info. I may consider parking at the ferry terminal.

    I parked in ferry terminal before, it cost me about $23 from 7am to about 6am when I was on a Southern Island trip. I also parked in the club before which cost me around $22 from 7am to 5pm. Thus a bit confused.

    Maybe I should drive down to check this weekend and share with all here.

  • armydaze
    There is a public carpark nearby. Its free. About 5-10 minutes walk.
  • Ralliart67
    Parking first hour $3.00
    Subsequently every hour $1.00
    Max about $14.00
    From 8am to 5pm
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