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Hi guys,

for those who needs to know to do squid fishing aka Eging... Here is some tips...

I will share some experience what to use and bring during Eging Trip, like what rod,reel & line etc...

For Rod
~ Minimum is 7Ft6 Max 8Ft3 for local jetty, breakers or any shore line. the longer the better to give a good further cast. my experience, 8ft6 gave me a good cast and i could cover more terrain.. For offshore eging boat rod, u only need 7ft or lesser. as i have a encounter using longer rod and broke the tip as i hit the boat roof top.

For Reel
~ Daiwa 2506 Max! Shimano C3000S Max! why? too heavy reel will injured your wrist in the future.. u know know how long u will need to cast that night..
Get a lighter reel with shallow spool or smaller reel with lesser line capacity.. Please don't use too small reel.. it will unbalance the rod and really make u uncomfortable.

For Lines
~ The thinner the better and for more sensitivity feeling.. PE 1, 0.8 or 0.6..

What u need during the trip

~ Squid gaff. there are a few models at most tackle shops. U never know when the big one will come. As i know, u wont want to injured Eging rod by lifting it up without a gaff.

~ Headlight (night time use only)

~ Ziplock bag (If planning to eat it)

~ Squid Pick (the reason to use this, is to keep the squid in a good quality and u wont get the zip lock bag full of squid ink.)

How to use the squid pick.
???????how to kill a squid to keep it in a good quality -??????- - YouTube


Why we need a proper Eging rod?
~ to have the fullest satisfaction feeling...

Why we need proper Eging reel? why it must be light? why shallow spool?
~ We do not want to injured our wrist. we are getting old not young.We only need a shallow spool to keep in our thin line, if deep spool, when casting, the line will hit the spool and give u a minimum distance..

What jigs to use?
~ Doesn't matter what size, brands or color.. it's how u control the jigs in the water and how u make it swim.. there are too many brands.. Evergreen, Breaden 13, Yamashita, Fish league,
sumi zoku, Shimano, yozuri Etc. Different people different taste.

Where to find Eging rod?
~ i always visit lure haven, fishing buddy, Le angler, changi pro tackle Angler outfitter and many more! from east to west! they got low to high end!


A few links u can learn from YouTube.

Inside Fishing: How to catch Squid - YouTube

NAORY Special Movie3 - YouTube


hope here is some tips i could share and can help u guys get squids.

I'm not a pro eginger. still learning and keep learning.

  • Andy Miyavizm Chan
    good article! kudos for the detailed write-up marko.

    Adding to points above, most people would think "smaller reel, lighter, hence conserve more energy". A smaller reel actually gives you awkward knots while you whip it too hard, so a C3000 or 2506 will be perfect as it gives you a good balance and less chance of getting weird knots in your spool. If you are using a shallow spool (C3000), 90m of line in the spool at anytime would be perfect.

    Moreover, a HG reel will be good, as it significantly reduce the chances of you having any slack on your line while reeling in.

    Another thing would be the leader, a fluorocarbon leader would be highly recommended due to its low light reflection characteristics.
  • Jake
    Nice write up, detail and great effort
    Useful for people like me who is still learning too.
    I vote Marko69 to be moderator =D>
  • Markosanshutter
    no3... i'm here to share what i know... still noob...
  • thebatu15
    Awesome write up bro..
  • Masazri
    Great information marko...awesome...agree with jake..i think u have alot of experience... =D>
  • Andy Miyavizm Chan
    yeah agree, definitely a gem to the community and actively helping out kakis here and there.
  • Andykee
    Nice write up Bro Marko. Please post some of your CRs here as well.
  • relac
    Hi bro mark,

    Please pardon me if the question i am asking is too silly,
    Kindly enlighten me on what is a daiwa 2506 / Shimano C3000S ?

    Are they a certain model? what does 2506 on daiwa and Shimano C3000S represent?
  • Andy Miyavizm Chan

    2506 and C3000S are reel sizes., and are mainly reels with shallow spools.
  • calvinktlim
    Mqybe we can have a question thread for suggested questions to be answered in the eging tips tread? Am new to eging myself and have alot of questions to ask the experts here.

    For example, the japanese videos show a violent ripping/jerking method of working jigs. Is this suitable for our waters? Is a more subtle jig and bounce technique preferred? Any other techniques used here and the circumstances they shoild be used in?

    Any differences in the hunting behavior of the big fin reef squid (green eyes/che bak), cuttlefish (baktao), and arrow squid (sotong/arrow)? Does any one use a particular method of working jigs and find that they keep hitting a particular type while their friends get something else?
  • Andy Miyavizm Chan
    Hi calvinktlim.

    It depends on the depth of the water and the activity of the squid.

    For deep type egis that are sz 2.5 and above i usually whip them a few times, and for smaller egis they naturally sink slower, hence doesn't require such vigorous jerks to them.

    Any further questions can post at the new Q&A thread here
  • ayan1
    Nice write up Bro Marko. Please post some of your CRs here as well.
  • Snacksbazzar
    Sooperb explaation about the eging tips. Thanks for sharing the video also.
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