Mike's Freshy CR 2014

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First Tememsis for 2014.

ROD Rapala Shadow 6'
REEL Shimano NASCI 2500 X-Ship
LINE Berkley Nanofil 10lb
TIME 10.10am
WEATHER Overcast

  • rayray
    =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
  • Hedonist
    nice catch bro !
  • saltfly
    Beautiful catch there.
  • limpkm
    Thanks guys!

    Very addictive hor?!...
  • limpkm
    Temensis No.2

    Date: 8 Jan 2014
    Time: About 6pm
    Weather: Cool, windy

  • limpkm
    ROD: 6'3 Tailwalk with KR Titan Guides
    Reel: Daiwa Aggrest
    Line: 15lb PowerPro Slick8
    Leader: YGK no.7

    Cool Morning at about 9.30am

  • sabai sabai
    It is very addictive indeed and as itchy scratch as a mosquito bite... Well, almost... :mrgreen:
    Keep up the good work!
  • Hedonist
    nice catch bro !
  • limpkm
    Happy National Day!!!!!!

    Tailwalk Primax 6'3
    Shimano Calcutta 100 X-Ship
    15lb Spiderwire Invisibraid
    YGK FC #7
    TT Lure Jig Head 3/8 Oz
    3.5i nch Zman Paddle Tail minnow

    9 Aug 2014
    10.45 am
    Cloudy but bright morning
    Intermittent winds

  • limpkm
    Sunday 30 Aug 2014
    Calm water surface, little wind.
    About 1.5kg.

  • Gerard
    nice catch bro!
  • limpkm
    8 Sept 2014
    Short session today 6pm to 7.10pm.
    Enjoyed the wonderful sunset as I fished the calm, serene water surface mirroring the setting sun above.
    One of the many joys of fishing in nature....

    Using my new rod just bought a few hours ago...

    Rod: Graphite Leader Bosco 6'9
    Reel: Daiwa Millionaire
    Line: SpiderWire Invisibraid 15lb
    3/8 Oz TT Lure Jig head with 3" rubber

    Enjoyed every single cast... (thx to bro Gerard for the reel!!!!!!!) Rod was light & sensitive too... could even feel the fish shaking its head under water.... awesome....

  • limpkm
    28 Sept 2014
    Light winds, slightly cloudy.
    Bottom twitching with rubber lure.

  • NicLHJ
    bro where is the place you go for these catches?
  • limpkm
    Hi bro.

    Its at Upper Seletar Reservoir off Mandai Road.

    I only fish at the legal area.

    Tight lines!!

  • NicLHJ
    limpkm" said:
    Hi bro.

    Its at Upper Seletar Reservoir off Mandai Road.

    I only fish at the legal area.

    Tight lines!!

    ohhhhh okay i know where!! thanks!!!
  • limpkm
    First one for 2015

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone!!!

    MC Skyroad 6'6 8-16lb
    Ryobi Applause 1000
    Spiderwire 15lb
    (balance line after loading another reel, 8lb or 10lb would be even better)
    Fly with Treble hook from Sure Catch

    Landed at 6pm

  • limpkm
    Temensis action has been slow recently.

    Now going for their smaller cousin the Peacock bass.

    Some recent catches to report...

  • limpkm
    Some recent catches to share...

  • limpkm
    Have not been fishing for about 5 months....

    Specially dedicate the following CR to all bros who, like me, due to work & family commitments are finding hard to find time to fish.....

    One advise though. ... just my 2 cents....

    If you are feeling stressed from work & running errands for your beloved family, please also find time to fish. This is important to keep our sanity and reward ourselves for our hardwork....

    So, hope u guys carry on to find joy in fishing to maintain balance and get a relieve from the stresses of our day to day grind.....


  • limpkm
    Had alittle time today to my own. So I headed down to the usual legal spot.....

    Started casting a vibe for about 1 hour with no bites. Eventually lost the vibes as I Ge Kiang cast too near the rocky area....

    Was about to leave at 1pm to pick up my daughter when she called, saying I can pick her up an hour later... Hurrah!! Some more time to fish!!

    Re-tie FG knot and used a buck tail jig this time....

    Jig.... Jig..... Jig...

    No bites like the last hour. ..

    BOOM!!!! Fish Onzz!!!!

    After a few runs and spectacular jumps later, this brute was subdued and brought to the water edge. Lifted up using lip grip... weight was abit over 3 kg.....

    Released the beauty to its natural habitat after taking some pictures.....

    Rod MC KG Evolution 7'6
    Reel Shimano Nasci 2500
    Line 10 lb Berkley Crystal
    Leader 16 lb YGK
    Lure Bucktail jig

    Wind Slight gentle breeze but light enough so water was not choppy
    Sun Bright but partially cloudy

  • limpkm
    Dropped wifey off at the supermarket and headed down to the usual spot....

    What a beautiful morning with little winds and the water surface was like a mirror lake, making a reflection of the blue sky and lofty clouds above....

    Caught the first fish at 9.40am...

    Caught the second one at 11.10am....

    Dark clouds started taking over the skies above and decided to call it a day...

  • limpkm

    Totally forgotten about posting here....

    Didn't realise it had been more than half year I haven't posted anything....

    Ok, so just a few pictures of recent freshly catches to share and perhaps archiveven here permanently......
  • limpkm
    Some more to share...
  • limpkm

    Long Long time never post anything...

  • banex
    nice nice, still USR same spot? Haven been there in a while
  • limpkm

    Yes Same spot.

    I stand on same spot on grass for so many years, if u find a bare patch on ground near the life buoy...

    That's where I usually stand.
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