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Luke Maow Bear
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On the 21st of August 2013 I was given the greatest honour of my angling life; Zerek invited me to test the Zerek Live Cherabin before it was out on the shops which is out today 22nd of August 2013! So for any angling geek at heart this is like a "world's first" invite with an all access pass! Thanks Catchbay!

Here is a bit more about Catchbay and details of how to get there with pictures of what the place looks like, they are a fully stocked all-product tackle shop now, so you can get all matter of angling outfitting there.

We decided to test it at the Pasir Ris Pro Pond but instead Isaiah decided to make it even harder and test it at the CNR Pond which is a pond known to work with bait most of the time; so dropping a lure of any kind would mean we had to work a little harder than normal.


It weighs in at 7.4 Grams which is great weight for looking as life like as possible and it has a decent sink-rate to the bottom of the pond which to me felt like 2M in some parts and within 6 seconds we are at the bottom. If I had to get all the mentalist about it I would say it does 2.8 seconds per meter. CHOON BOH?! Nah I am just acting steady! You decide when you use it but I think it's about right.

In terms of being aerodynamic it is what it is and can be compared to a soft plastic with a jig head when it comes to casting; so no issues there as it is something we all are use to!

The wind catches anything of this weight so like a golfer just compensate for the wind you should have no problems.

A tip is sometimes you can "Roar Cast" at where you want to lure to land, so instead of lobbing it to catch the win, you just cast-hard at where you want it splash it in. Just watch the angle as if you skip the lure it will land on something it can snag on; this happens to everyone so don't beat yourself up on it.

Another tip is if the wind is blowing in and you want to cast along the net perpendicular to the wind direction, just cast inline with the net and the lure will drift in and to stop it just stop line from from going out with your index finger or thumb (BC) just as it hits the water, "Sigh this is complicating Luke, I know la bro"


[Reel] Work backwards on this, it's 7.4 Grams so go with a 1000, 2000 or 3000 sized (Shimano) reels.
I used Shimano as a comparative size, Daiwa equivalents can be used
Some idiot by the name of Luke was using a 4000 size reel, but let's not talk about that.

[Rod] Use a rod that can go from Ultra Light to Light for this lure so that you can cast it in other words the tip needs to be softer; but you can whack it out if you want but then what is the fun, right?

[Line] (4lb), 6lb to 8lb, nuff said' if you want to go 10lb it will almost lose the "kick" to it, however please use what you feel like using I am just giving you something I feel should be done. I did this to (4lb) to emphasise this is the fun poundage to use, GO HERO!

Working the Lure

Flick it, Straight Crank, Flick and Pause, Bait it, (Wait what? Bait it?!)

Yeah a few times I threw it and left it there and when it started to move by itself, as in a fish took it. What I really want to say is we tried many things and it all worked, however the biggest ones for me were let it sink to the bottom and straight crank it and the other was a Flick and Pause.

I need to bring a rod aspect in here for a bit, get something that is soft at the tip, a soft plastic rod of sorts so you can impart the natural flicking motion of the prawn.

Also, all the colours worked however I personally liked the ones that looked like prawns I.E. the natural colours but that's me.


Closing Thoughts

The Zerek Live Cherabin is an unfair advantage at the ponds, it's live prawn that you have control of, it's a bit like spinning a live prawn as we all do.

I hit the GT at the pond, which is rare. However I thought I was in the Maldives with my 18k and I zhanged (craned) the GT in so the hook pulled, this happen a few times because I simply was too enthusiastic and until I remembered we were luring and not casting huge stickbaits did the fish start landing, in total (included the ones landed) we hit about 20 over fish within 2 and half hours between 2 anglers to me this is a magical outcome for 2 guys with a little lure that looks like a prawn.

Hope this helps anyone have an idea of what this lure is all about

Peace Out,
  • Luke Maow Bear

    A few PM's came in.

    What is the difference between the Cherabin and the Shrimp?

    The Cherabin has an interesting hook design which enables it to be more life like in the water, due to it's front weighted-angled Jighead. If you let it sink to the bottom it will rest on it's front, so when it is snapped or flicked hard it looks just like a real prawn and lands on it's front while the tail flaps.

    BTW, I was also told this prawn can be rigged backwards as well.

    I classify such soft plastics under "premade plastics", which give also gives you the freedom to change the direction of the hook or change the hook all together. But remember, this hook is bottom weighted in the front. So if you mess with anything I can't guarantee it will behave the same way.

    The shrimp is more weedless and as I know it has bigger versions to the Cherabin, BUT I think the big ones are coming out for the Cherabin and that I assume (not confirmed) may be 4 inches or so? Who knows?

    Is it durable

    I used the same one throughout all the 3 hours of fishing there and I expect all the colours to *jalan* but again, I suggest the natural colours for the Pasir Ris CNR Pond or even the Pro Pond.

    There is some sort of fabric (kevlar?) running laterally down the side of the prawn which makes it tear-proof and the only problem I had was when a Kim (Barra) (Siakap) (Seabass) (So many slangs for this fish) took the lure so hard it flipped the prawns face down, easy fix. I just pulled it back on. Nothing is bomb-proof but the Cherabin does a great job at holding up.

    I will however state that the hook is not able to stand the force of a big fish; you the angler must be in control when a big fish hit and let it do it's thing. However, Peacock Bass, Temensis, Sebaraus are all within the known threshold of the hook if you ask me. It is also why I advised you all to use a lighter rod such as a 3lb to 6lb/8lb rod.

    How much arh?!

    It's under SGD$6.00 so that means it is SGD$5.XX. The reason I never put exact prices on things because unless it comes directly from the shop itself I rather prepare you for an approximate price, however I can almost guarantee you it's under 6 bucks la.

    Bro don't talk cock la is it that good

    This was a good one on PM and you know who you are.

    As a lurer, I would have a few of these in my lure box for sure, together with the the Live Shrimp. So, Cherabin + Shrimp. It works.

    But not to say other type of lures like deep divers, vibes, walk the dogs and other of those lures don't work, I carry a massive arsenal of lures when I go.

    The one tip I can give you all is, slow down when you retrieve; always tell yourself this. Start slow then speed up. Something will happen. It's the same with Popping, Jigging, Madai'ing and some say when you ask a girl out.
  • Ecar0h
    Hi, what was the poundage of your main line for the GT?
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Ecar0h" said:
    Hi, what was the poundage of your main line for the GT?
    I was running on a Powerpro 20lb Slick 8. It's unbreakable.
  • Senght
    Where can I buy this lure in Singapore?
  • Senght
    And do you think this lure is effective for offshore bottom fishing?
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Senght said:
    And do you think this lure is effective for offshore bottom fishing?
    ​You have to change the hook to a strong Jighead like a TT Jighead, check it out from Lure Haven.
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