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Jeffrey Tee
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Dear all,

Fishingkaki is pleased to launch the new Saltwater Catch Reports folder!

Herein, anglers can now post and share with fellow kakis their Catch Reports of their saltwater fishing expeditions/exploits much like a 'Trophy Room'.

By posting and sharing your Catch Reports in the Catch Reports folder, anglers will be entitled to winning a Mustad goodie bag if they write the Best Catch Report of the Week. Weekly winners will then be entitled to be considered for a Best Catch Report of 2006 which is a day-trip on Rising Tide, kindly sponsored by Piscatorial Parties.

The jury for judging Best Catch Reports of the Week is to be decided solely at Fishingkaki's discretion. Further announcements will be made on this.

Rules & Regulations

- Only CRs dated from 1st Sep 06 to 17th Dec 06 qualifies.

- CRs will be judged from Monday to Sunday, with the winner named each Monday morning.

- Fishes caught from protected fishing grounds will not be considered.

- All CRs posted in the Catch Reports folder will automatically be categorised as contenders. If the forummer does not wish his CR to participate, he/she has to inform via writing of his intention not to participate.

- All decision made by is final and cannot be contested.

- In event of any mishap/injury/loss of life happening on board Rising Tide, and it's staff will not be held responsible.
  • Jeffrey Tee
    Some amendments to the above:
    - CRs will be judged from Monday to Sunday, with the winner named each Monday morning.
    - Wining CRs will now be named every Wednesday night.

    - Winning CRs will each get a Mustad Goodie Bag (and x2 Goodie Bag if he is a Premium Kaki).

    - Winners of Weekly CRs can elect to receive their Mustad Goodie Bag via post. Postage will have to be borne by the winner.

    - The Winner of the Grand Prize CR cannot transfer his/her prize. It is non-transferable and not for sale.

    I will try to upload the pictures of the Mustad Goodie Bags soon! :wink:
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