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hi guys

saw few crs on kakis paddling on their kayaks to some great spots for fishing. wondering if do we need anything in order to be able to paddle in sg water? like for example what if the police patrol boat approach us or something? haha :lol:
  • snsd555
    some good info from resident kayak fisherman mathew here:
    Kayak Fishing in Singapore is relatively new. I've started kayak fishing in the August 2009 when the sport was picking up. I remember at that time, there were no more then 10 active Kayak Anglers within Singapore. I was fortunate enough to have an Uncle whom was one of the first few to try it out and brought me out on his double seater which in return poisoned me into the spot. Since then I've been Kayak Fishing almost every other weekend with my good buddies which I've gotten to know through local forums. Since then been best of fishing buddies
  • physlo2
    Apart from the abovementioned....you will also need your dad permission...lol
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