In Search Of Delta Stripers

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The local fishing report yesteday indicated that the big bass (12-50 pounder class) were starting to migrate from the San Francisco Bay up into the Sacramento River delta. So we decided to give it a shot and explore the delta at the same time for some new fishing holes. We arived in the delta region early this morning and stopped a sleepy delta town bait shop to purchase marine blood worms and sardines.

  • Chinook
    The delta town seemed to have a charm of its own so we walked around for a while. Since crawdads are harvested commercially in the Sacramento delta - the town of Isleton hosts an annual crawdad festival in June. At this weekend festival, all kinds of food are made from crawdads including ice cream, per my understanding!

  • Chinook
    You have have your crawdads at a local restuarant or you can but it live from a store. Or you can set your own crawdad traps and catch your own. The delta is loaded with them. We soon were driving on narrow levee roads flanked by the river on one side and farms/orchards on the other.

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    We drove through a few quiet little Sacramento delta towns and each one looked just the other. The Sacramento River soon became a much bigger waterway. We stopped at various spots to scout for potential fishing sites.

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    After stopping at a number of spots, we decided to fish at the one that seemed like a potential "hot spot" to us. The vegetation flanking the levee road ranged from huge eucalyptus trees, tall canes, heavy brush to levee grass and one careless distraction while driving could land one's auto into the river or into a cultivated field/orchard. We baited up, used 4-oz pyramid sinker and cast it into the river.

  • Chinook
    We had quite a lot of bites from the smaller stripers that were present in the delta. Over a period of 2 hours, we hooked and released about 12 little stripers under 15-inches. An hour into the fishing period, I had a good hard strike and my rod bounced in response to the strike. I promptly set the hook and the fight was on. After an exciting 8-minute battle, I managed to ease the tired hen striper onto shore. It weighed almost 14-lbs.

  • Chinook
    It is always windy in the Sacramento delta and it acts as an deterrent to casting at one's best. At times, the wing gusts are so
    strong that it is almost impossible to fish effectively. When I cleaned the striper, I noticed that its egg sacs were still relatively
    firm which indicated that it was not ready to spawn anytime soon.

  • Chinook
    The Sacramento delta is a major fruit (pear, cherry, grape, etc.) growing area and the Chinese came to work in the orchards.
    There are small historical delta towns like Locke where the Chinese community settled. You can still see the houses they
    lived in since the 1800's. Locke is a California state-designated historical site and you can tour it to see how the Chinese
    immigrants lived and thrived during those bygone days.

  • Chinook
    One can rent cabins, apartments, houses or houseboats for a vacation in the Sacramento delta. April and May are the best months
    as the wildflowers are out in abundance in addition to the striped bass spawning runs. It is also in the heart of farming and
    orchard country. Lots to see and do!

  • Chinook
    And what better to end a pleasant day in the Sacramento River delta than to stop at a local ice cream shop for a nice cold
    creamy treat. And we bid farewell to the delta for now!

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    This is marvellous... thanks...!! :D
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